Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do Your Laundry the Green Way!

As all of you moms already know, having a baby means a lot of dirty laundry! I personally have sensitive skin, and although typical laundry detergents may smell nice, they can really irritate my skin. The chemicals, sulfates, and dyes that are used in mainstream laundry detergent contribute to skin irritation and they are also not environmentally friendly . I’m an eco-mom, so I am consciously trying to minimize my baby’s daily exposure to chemicals and toxins, like the ones used in laundry detergent.

My new favorite laundry detergent to use is Free & Clear Natural 2x Concentrated Laundry Liquid from Seventh Generation. I love that this laundry detergent uses bio-degradable, plant-derived cleaning agents and enzymes because it means it is safe for the environment, safe for my sensitive skin, and safe for my baby! Not to mention that is it super concentrated, so I spend less money buying laundry detergent.

This laundry detergent is fragrance free, so some of you moms out there may be a bit hesitant to use it for that REALLY dirty laundry. But don’t be afraid to try it! I find that although my clean laundry has no specific strong scent, it still smells clean and fresh. This is definitely one easy step you can take to have a greener household and family! (Photo:

*Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions. I independently use Seventh Generation Products. I am not receiving any form of compensation from Seventh Generation for my views expressed in this blog. Just one mom recommending a great product to another!

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