Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eco-Moms: A New Marketing Trend

According to a report released by EcoFocus Worldwide, eco-conscious parents were identified as a powerful new trend for marketing. These days parents feel that being eco-friendly is not only a part of leaving a positive legacy, but also has to do with setting a positive example for their kids. Linda Gilbert, the CEO of EcoFocus, says that eco-moms are “a new archetype that will define next generation products and communications.” In fact the 21st century is already proving to be full of eco-minded parents, with 35% of moms sending their kids to school with zero-waste lunches.

This report also found that parents who behave in an eco-friendly way noticed positive changes in their health and quality of life. For example, 2 in 5 eco-moms are more physically active from leading a greener lifestyle. And most moms conclude that a greener lifestyle helps them spend more time together as a family, with almost “70% of parents agreeing that being eco-friendly provides them with teachable moments with their kids.”

Although this report clearly shows the facts that there is a growing movement of eco-conscious parents, it also hints to companies that this is their new demographics of consumers to target. I agree that the population of eco-minded parents is growing, which is increasing the demand for eco-friendly products. Obviously I won’t be complaining if I see a greater number of companies producing green products, but I am concerned that that real intention of being eco-friendly will be lost in an effort for companies to sell more new products. I don’t want to just buy a product because the packaging says it’s green, I actually want products that are better for the environment, produce less waste, and use less chemicals.

As this EcoFocus report clearly states, eco-moms have considerable buying power, so let’s continue to ask for the best quality products for both our families and the planet. Of course there have been eco-friendly products out on the market for decades, but it’s still good to know companies are recognizing the growing demand for environmentally friendly products!

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