Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy (and Healthy!) Halloween

Halloween is a little more than a month away, and I've been less than impressed with the expense of the mass-produced children's costumes and the cheap material with which they are made.  If we don't want PVC's in our shower curtains, or lead in our paint, why would I want them in my child's costume? So in an effort to go green this Halloween, I've decided to research some adorable do-it-yourself, easy and affordable Halloween costumes!

Here are a few highlights from my google search:

Here are some really great ideas, my favorites where the Clark Kent, The Spider, The Stringbean, and The JellyFish! I think I'll be creating this JellyFish look out of my garden sun hat and some strips of white garbage bag and some spare lace trims I have lying around so the tentacles will be nice and flowy.  I imagine you could also use streamers, ribbon, or even magazine or newspaper strips.

This site has some ideas that can mostly be created with clothing your child already has!

Costumes that require face paint can sound frightening because of the chemicals that would be so close to your child's skin, but I found a great and easy recipe for natural, home-made face paint. 

A lot of costumes can include plastic masks that are chemical laden and suffocating, but a more eco-friendly and healthy (and I think fun!) alternative is paper mache.

I really love Halloween, my mother hand-made all of our costumes growing up, and I'm excited to pass on this tradition to my own daughter.  I love that its not only good for my child, but for the environment as well!
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