Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back in Shape After Baby

Lately I've been lamenting the body that I had pre-baby, and I've been looking into new ways of it back.  One really interesting trend I've been reading about is barefoot running.  I really love my pink and silver running shoes, but I tend to get some knee and back pain during or after running, and many have said that running barefoot can alleviate those things.  It seems to make sense, man was not created with shoes on, so he was probably not made to run in them.  The thinking is that shoes make running have more of an impact on the body by allowing us to land on our heels more heavily, while barefoot running puts more impact on the balls of our feet.

The trend seemed to spread when the book Born To Run was published and became popular, although I've heard that many indigenous cultures have been successful barefoot runners for generations.  I haven't read the book yet, but I plan to soon.  Another product that has been pushing the trend is the Vibram Five Finger shoe.  These shoes look very much like those toe-socks that were popular a few years ago, and are designed to feel like you're barefoot without exposing skin to the road.  I especially like these pink ones!

If you're into the idea but want something even more simplistic, you can check out Luna Sandals, really, really minimalistic running sandals.

I'm not sure if I'll try it yet.  We have some pretty nice streets, but I really prefer my nice soft feet to calluses.  I think I may try changing my form first and find some Five Fingers to try on.  Maybe if I become a true believer I'll try it au natural!


  1. I love my Vibram Five Fingers. I have the Classic model which I bought last three weeks ago. This is my savior as barefoot running is not possible in our place. I actually tried it but it was a painful experience. Thanks to barefoot shoes. In fact, I'm thinking of buying Bikila this time as I will be preparing for our 2-week vacation in Phuket, Thailand. I heard the beach there are so lovely. I've also read a good review similar to Vibram Five Fingers. It's called Kigo Shel. Have you heard of this shoes? Check out the link here.

  2. Those do look pretty good! I haven't gotten to try the Five Fingers yet, I'm having a hard time finding a store in my area who also carries my size. I think I'll have to take a trip into the city! I'm really excited to try them, especially after your comment! Thanks!